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Welcome to Thoughts on Healing Hearts. I wanted to start a blog to better express my own experiences of ups and downs in life and my journey in recovery. With all that is going on I feel like now is a better time than ever to take time to understand one another’s personal experiences in life and how we all can learn to heal. I have spent over 2 decades working various jobs around Atlanta and more years than that running around sticking my nose into places I probably shouldn’t of. I don’t want to claim I have all the answers to anything. I do want to express my thoughts and opinions on certain things from ways I see them, hopefully in a constructive manner. I welcome feedback and hope you take the time to read. I’m going to post a couple pieces I had written previously this week later on. Thanks!! James

Published by Thoughts for Healing Hearts

I’m an aging punk who wants to use my words and art to express my journey in recovery by speaking from the heart. Hopefully it helps others along the way.

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